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Drimee Infrared Solariums - Equine Therapy Lighting
Providing horses and owners with the best solariums to enhance your barn!

The Drimee Infrared Solariums are the best new way to help your horse in so many ways!  Drimee Solariums offer the ability to;

  • Improve blood circulation
  • accelerate natural molting process
  • promote injury and wound healing
  • reduce joint and muscle stiffness
  • promote healthier and better looking skin
  • reduce exercise warm up time
  • increase recovery after workout

The Drimee Infrared Solariums are Europe's No. 1 best selling Equine Infrared Therapy Solarium and even better, THEY ARE MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA!!!!!

The Drimee Sirocco Solarium has been Europe’s No.1 best selling Equine infrared therapy solarium since it’s introduction in July 2017!  The Sirocco infrared therapy solarium comes fitted with 6 powerful dual-action fans for SuperFast drying OR cooling, 2 dimmers for full control of the heat and brightness on the inner and outer banks of lights, plus a 60 minute manual timer for easy and safe use.